5 Reasons Why You Should Install Crank Handle Blinds in your Alfresco Area

Crank Handle Blinds Perth

Outdoor blinds are a must-have for any outdoor space- that much is true. However, when it comes to choosing the ideal style of blinds for your alfresco area, it’s safe to say that you can end up feeling pretty spoilt for choice. For some homeowners, this can prove to be a good thing; the more options available to you, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find the perfect blind to fit with the theme of your outdoor area. On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s on the more indecisive side, then having a wide range of options available to you can make it a hundred times more difficult to come to a swift decision.

If you consider yourself to be one of these aforementioned indecisive homeowners, then fear not! Through identifying your own needs and crossmatching them with different products, you will be able to narrow down your options in no time. And in today’s article, we’d be pleased to introduce you to the benefits of crank handle blinds, and why they might be the perfect fit for you and your outdoor area’s requirements:

1. They’re Great for Large Areas

If you’ve got quite an extensive outdoor area to cover, then crank handle blinds are an excellent outdoor blinds option to consider. These outdoor blinds are perfect for covering large open areas. Furthermore, their crank handle mechanism is great for operating blinds in hard-to-reach places. With crank handle blinds, you can install several blinds next to each other, without having to worry about tracks or legs ruining the view. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of your outdoor area in full, without any annoying structures getting in the way.

2. They Provide Excellent Protection from the Sun

We’re known for our hot and sunny weather here in Australia. But the truth is, the heat can sometimes just become unbearable throughout the year. Moreover, it’s important to note that every year in Australia, the majority of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun. If you want to protect you and your family from the sun’s harsh UV rays whilst relaxing in your outdoor area, then the best thing to do would be to invest in an outdoor blinds solution that can provide you with the ultimate protection. Luckily, crank handle blinds provide excellent sun protection benefits. So, with these installed to your outdoor area, you’ll be able to feel a whole lot safer.

3. They’re Easy to Maintain

You probably don’t want to be spending an unnecessary amount of time maintain your outdoor blinds, especially when there’s just so many other tasks to attend to in your backyard area. Thankfully, crank handle blinds are just as easy to clean and maintain as they are to use- all they need is a wipe down with water and a soft cloth from time to time, and that’s enough to keep them looking at their best!

4. They’re Customisable

Not a lot of products today are one-size-fits-all, and this is especially true when it comes to outdoor blinds. After all, every outdoor entertainment area is different, not to mention the unique tastes and preferences of each homeowner who’s designing it. When you opt for crank handle blinds, you’ll be pleased to find that you can also have them customised to suit the existing theme of your outdoor area. With a range of fabrics and multiple colours available, you’re always ensured to find an option that blends well with the rest of your outdoor space.

5. They’re Safe

Since crank handle blinds feature no straps, buckles, ropes or chains, they’re also regarded as a safer outdoor blinds solution for families who have young children or pets. Loose hanging operational devices can sometimes pose as a hazard towards the younger members of your family. On the other hand, crank handle blinds are a safe and simple solution, guaranteed to make you feel a lot more at ease whilst your kids and pets play in your outdoor area.

Interested in getting crank handle blinds for your outdoor area? At Alfresco Creations, we’re known for offering the highest-quality range of outdoor blinds in Perth. So, if you’re looking for the ideal blinds option to tie the entire look of your alfresco area together, contact us today to get a free quote!

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