6 Ways Blinds Can Enhance Your Home Décor

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Whether you choose Roman, dual, Venetian or vertical blinds, you’ll find that these products provide distinct benefits in substance and style. Aside from offering functional and practical advantages, shades also work to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. They are especially ideal for improving your carefully crafted décor. What’s more, they are available in matching and complementary colours. Their timeless appeal and minimalist aesthetic can balance any style without hogging the attention away from your decorations and furnishings.

What’s important is that you take the time to plan every room’s colour, décor, ambience and purpose. Of course, you need to ensure that you select indoor blinds that can enhance your home décor. So, how exactly are these fixtures capable of enhancing your home décor?

1) Stunning and Comfortable Bedroom

As long as the window coverings enhance privacy and comfort, you can use them in the bedroom. Darker Roman blinds and block-out shades are perfect for this because they promote healthy sleep even throughout the daytime. You may also want to consider motorising your blinds so that you can control them even from the comfort of your own bed. 

2) Crisp and Clean Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, your primary concern with choosing blinds is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Remember that this room is prone to spillages and splashes. As such, metal or plastic blinds with a smooth finish will be your best choice. You may want to create a textured look for your kitchen, but we’d advise you to save that for other rooms. Rough materials can be quite challenging to clean.

3) Moisture-Free Bathroom

Alright, we know you want your bathroom to be a relaxation haven. Who doesn’t want to spend hours in a bubble bath whilst sipping wine and reading their favourite book? That said, fabric blinds are unnecessary to complete that overall spa environment you want for your bathroom. Keep in mind that this room tends to get very wet and humid. As such, you should opt to select materials that are not susceptible to water damage, such as vinyl or plastic. 

For your bathroom, you may want to install PVC Venetian blinds. These come in a variety of colours that are sure to suit your taste and style. For a bright and airy appeal, opt for a white variant. On the other hand, you can select earthy tones to create a nature-inspired, spa-like environment.

4) Chic Living Room

Remember that your living room is one of the first places your guests will see. Needless to say, it is essential to make an impression. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about comfort and style. For this room, we’d recommend roller shades or Roman blinds to complement the room’s design. These are a classic and elegant solution for the area. If you want a country-side or traditional home interior design, the soft texture of Roman blinds will not disappoint. 

5) Sophisticated Study Room

Whilst your study is a private space, it does not have to be a bat cave. Your goal should be to create a room that has adequate brightness. In this way, the light won’t hamper your reading or work. That said, you should still maintain privacy. We suggest opting for slatted blinds such as vertical or Venetian blinds. After all, they offer you more control over light entry. What’s more, they will still provide you with adequate window cover. Choose brown or black vertical blinds to lend your study an air of sophistication.

6) Beautiful yet Safe Nursery

If you’re a parent, then you would know that it can be very difficult for your baby to settle to sleep when there is overstimulation in the evening. It is essential to create a calming and comfortable environment for your child. Aesthetics is important, but it is more vital to ensure your baby’s sound sleep and safety. With that said, you should avoid blinds that have cords which dangle within your child’s reach. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to install them near a crib.

When you want to create a dark, sleep-friendly space during the day or night, we’d recommend that you choose block-out blinds. Motorised shades are always the best all-around choice. In this way, you wouldn’t have to deal with cords which may also pose a hazard risk to your children.

Indoor Blinds that Can Enhance Your Home Décor

When you turn to Alfresco Creations, you can choose from a wide selection of indoor shades. You get to select from a variety of both Australian and internally made fabrics and materials. We always focus on providing premium quality products that can transform any home décor.

Choose us as your contractor and enjoy 100% locally customised blinds. We are always capable of meeting whatever look you want for your home. What’s more, all our products come with competitive rates. Whether you want a bright living room, a chic kitchen or a sophisticated study, we have the right indoor blinds solution for you.

Contact Alfresco Creations now and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly sales staff!

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