Best Outdoor Blinds to Use for Your Patio

Best Outdoor Blinds to Use for Your Patio

When it comes to outdoor blinds, you’ll find that there’s never really one superior blind to rule them all. Since outdoor blinds are never a one-size-fits-all product, you can’t expect there to be a single outdoor blind that is entirely perfect for every homeowner’s outdoor area. Rather, an outdoor blind’s value will be determined by how well it satisfies a resident’s unique requirements and specifications. Because of this, it’s especially important for you to consider your own needs before setting out in search of an outdoor blind. 

An outdoor blinds product that works for you may not work for someone else. In light of this, we’ve narrowed down some of the best outdoor blinds to use for your patio, all of which come with their own unique benefits: 

  • Ziptrak Blinds
  • Ziptrak blinds are an especially popular outdoor blinds solution thanks to their unique, track guided spring-loaded system. This system features no straps, buckles, zips or crank handles. Instead, you can simply adjust the blinds to any height you desire by either pushing or pulling the blinds with your hands. Of course, the lack of loose operating mechanisms makes Ziptrak blinds a much safer blinds product for use in outdoor environments where small children or pets frequently play. Moreover, their ease of use makes them simple enough for all members of the family to operate; there’s nothing complicated about how these outdoor blind solutions work! 

  • Café Blinds
  • Café blinds were traditionally used in restaurants and commercial establishments. However, they look just as good when applied to residential applications as well. These blinds have the ability to offer you a variety of worthwhile benefits. For one, you can count on them to provide adequate protection against the elements, allowing you to make your patio area much more comfortable and suitable for use throughout the entire year. What’s more, they also offer you great pest control and light control benefits, so you can reduce the entrance of annoying bugs and insects whilst lessening the harsh glare of the sun. Of course, both are important to ensure, especially if you want to avoid dangerous diseases caused by pests or even skin damage caused by the sun. Finally, they are one of the most adaptable types of outdoor blinds available on the market. Café blinds are able to work around all sorts of angles and different roofs, plus they require no need for posts, angles or infills. 

  • Straight Drop Blinds
  • If you want a highly durable yet cost-effective outdoor blinds solution, then straight drop blinds might be exactly the type of product you’re looking for. Straight drop blinds will protect your outdoor area from the harsh winds, rain and chill of winter, as well as the intense heat of the summer sun. Best of all, they’re one of the most affordable outdoor blinds solutions out there. So, no matter what type of budget you’re working under, you can still expect an opportunity to take advantage of this incredibly versatile shading product! 

    Straight drop blinds are operated by a gearbox with a detachable handle, which makes them super user-friendly for all members of the family. In addition to this, they also come with two types of bottom fixings, a clip and hook, and a strap and buckle. Being available to be custom-made to any width size up to 6m wide, they’re the perfect blinds for covering large areas on your patio and adding that seamless finishing touch to your outdoor area. 

  • Crank Handle Blinds
  • Crank handle blinds require no side channels or wire, plus they’re excellent for use in hard-to-reach places. Like straight drop blinds, you can also count on these blinds when you want to cover large areas; they can be installed side to side without the need for any tracks or legs that’ll ruin the view. These blinds are operated via a winding gearbox that clips into a fixing point, which works to keep it in place at whatever height you desire. After they’re locked in the bottom position and tightened, these blinds become very tight with minimal movement. As a result, they become the ideal solution for when you want to shield your patio area from harsh weather conditions. 

Having trouble determining the perfect outdoor blinds solution? At Alfresco Creations, we take pride in our ability to recommend outdoor blinds products that fit with our client’s unique needs and go above and beyond their expectations. Needless to say, our team is always ready to listen to your requirements and come up with the ideal blinds product to inject practicality, style and value into your patio area. Contact Alfresco Creations today and enjoy a free quote!

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