Curtains or Blinds: Which One Is the Best for Your Bedroom?

Curtains Blinds Best For Bedroom

When you’re building or redecorating a room, one of the most vital decisions you’ll make is determining what type of window treatments are appropriate to use. It’s worth noting that the wall colour, flooring choice and windows make up some of the most critical design elements of your property. Henceforth, they can greatly influence the overall look and feel of your home.

Homeowners expect a few different things from their window coverings. Generally, there are several factors they consider, including the aesthetic appeal, privacy, light and air filtration, among many others. Window treatments can even help you to insulate a room, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. To achieve this however, you need to select the right product, whilst ensuring that it will complement the rest of your space seamlessly.

Now, if you’re searching for the ideal window treatments for your bedroom, you need to be a bit more particular with your decision. After all, the light and temperature in the room can impact how much of a restful REM sleep you can get.

That said, choosing the right window coverings is not as simple as it seems. After all, there are various styles of blinds and curtains that may be suitable for your needs. With this in mind, we’ve put together this article to inform you on the pros and cons of both blinds and curtains. In this way, you will be able to choose the perfect window treatment option for your bedroom space.


If you want a window covering that will work seamlessly with your home’s interior décor, then blinds would be the best option. You can find them in various styles, including Roman, Venetian, roller, and panel blinds.

Plantation Shutters Master Bedroom

What Are the Advantages of Blinds?

Blinds can efficiently filter light. So, if you want to allow some light into your bedroom, you can opt for a slatted Venetian style. On the other hand, if you prefer complete darkness, you can opt for thick block-out blinds.

  • If you have a small bedroom, then indoor blinds would be most beneficial for you. You can fit them easily in the window’s recess. In this way, they won’t have to take up any valuable space in your bedroom.
  • It is easy to clean blinds. For instance, you can use a duster to remove dirt off of Venetian blinds.
  • Generally speaking blinds are cheaper than curtains.

What Are the Disadvantages of Blinds?

  • Blinds are less decorative than curtains.
  • It can be challenging to clean certain types of blinds, especially if you need to remove them from the bracket each time you do so.


You can find curtains in a wide selection of fabrics suitable for any home interior design. Some curtains can completely block the light out of your bedroom. What’s more, most of these curtains can help keep your room warm during the winter. On the other hand, if you want a dramatic movement when the breeze flows in, you can consider getting sheer curtains with a soft, gentle fabric.

James Curtain

What Are the Advantages of Curtains?

  • You wouldn’t need to pull a cord to operate curtains. So, they are the safest option for families with young children and pets.
  • Most types of curtains overlap the window’s edge. As a result, there would be no need for you to customise the size as you would with blinds. That said, you are still free to order custom made curtains for the perfect fit.
  • Curtains provide excellent insulation during the colder months.
  • Because of their added flexibility and movement, curtains can offer a grand and dramatic aesthetic.

What Are the Disadvantages of Curtains?

  • Your curtains are likely to attract pet hair, dust, and fluff.
  • Curtains can take up a lot of space, making the room look smaller.

So, What Should You Get for Your Bedroom?

Traditionally, homeowners choose curtains for their lounges and bedrooms. However, these days, blinds are quickly becoming just as popular. If you have a smaller bedroom, then you should mount Roman blinds closer to the ceiling. Doing so will add depth and height to the room. After all, it makes the ceiling look higher whilst making the windows look huge.

If you’re working on the night shift or need window treatments for a nursery, then block out curtains or blinds are the perfect option. Both of these do an efficient job at keeping the bedroom dark. So, selecting the ideal window covering is a matter of functionality and preference. It all boils down to your unique lifestyle and personal needs.If you still cannot decide which window treatment to use for your bedroom, give Alfresco Creations a call today. Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to answer your enquiries and provide you with the perfect solution to match your specifications.

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