Five Benefits of Café Blinds

Cafe Blinds Perth

Are you looking for the ideal outdoor blinds solution for your home or business establishment? Café blinds were the first style of outdoor bistro blinds to emerge, and have traditionally been used in an outdoor restaurant setting. These days however, the outdoor blinds have become widely used on residential properties as well. These blinds are versatile enough to be applied to a range of properties, offering various benefits so that you can make your outdoor entertaining area, whether it be on your residential or commercial property, more comfortable and sheltered for you and your guests. If you want to learn more about why we recommend the café blinds Perth residents always use, then keep on reading!

The Café Blinds Perth Residents and Business Owners Love

Café blinds stand as one of the most popular outdoor blinds solutions for outdoor café and bistro areas, whilst being increasingly used in residential properties as well. But what makes them a cut above the rest?


You can count on café blinds to provide your outdoor entertainment area with protection against the elements, including strong winds, rain, and the harsh glare of the sun. Café blinds are available in clear or tinted PVC, so you can choose from a range of different lighting and sun protection options based on the needs of your outdoor area.


One major reason why café blinds stand as one of the most popular outdoor blinds is because of their versatility. Café blinds can be installed to work around a variety of angles and roof pitches, making them especially ideal for restaurants with outdoor dining area’s that feature odd shapes and angles. In the same way, café blinds are also ideal for residential properties that may have complex patio areas.

Pest Control

In both your alfresco area on your residential property and your restaurant’s outdoor dining area, you wouldn’t want flies settling on freshly cooked food, or mosquitoes bothering your guests. Café blinds help to keep these insects and other pests out of your outdoor dining area, so that you can make your guests feel more comfortable dining on your property.


Of course, affordability remains as a major factor that Perth customers may look for when considering investing in certain outdoor blinds. You’ll be pleased to know that café blinds remain as an affordable outdoor blinds solution for your residential or commercial property, so you can walk away feeling like you haven’t had a hole burnt in your wallet.

Visual Appeal

Available in a range of colours and styles, you’re sure to find an option that suits your residential and commercial property when you opt for the café blinds Perth customers love.

Choose Alfresco Creations for Bistro Blinds Perth

Here at Alfresco Creations, we take pride in offering a variety of indoor and outdoor blinds solutions that work to provide a multitude of benefits for our customers, for an extended period of time. This of course includes the best café blinds Perth has to offer, which we can tailor according to our customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Want to learn more about our café blinds Perth? Contact Alfresco Creations today!

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