How to Choose the Right Shade for your Patio Blinds

When you’re thinking of installing patio blinds in your alfresco area, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the level of shade you want to establish into the area. Would it be better to install blinds that offer complete block out from the sun, so you can relax outdoors without the glare of the sun bothering you? Or are you someone who enjoys a little natural light peeking through and bringing warmth into your outdoor living area?

In this article, we’ll be going through some of the top different types of outdoor patio blinds available and comparing the level of shade each one provides, so that you can make a clear decision more easily.

Patio Blinds Perth

Ziptrak Blinds

Undoubtedly our most popular patio blinds solution yet, Ziptrak blinds offer various benefits for your outdoor living area. Available in a range of fabrics including waterproof PVC plastic that offers protection against the rain, to mesh materials that provide greater protection from the sun for your alfresco area, Ziptrak blinds are ideal for both homeowners who want their patio naturally lit or shaded from the sun’s glare. This track guided spring-loaded system features no straps, buckles, zips or crank handles and is easily operated for ultimate convenience.

Café Blinds

Also known as bistro blinds, these blinds are popularly used in the outdoor dining areas of restaurants, hence their name. Regardless of this however, they also look stunning on residential properties, and are made of PVC plastic, available as either clear or tinted depending on the level of shade and sun protection you want in your outdoor area. Of course, opting for the tinted blinds would provide your alfresco area with the light control benefits, whilst the clear blinds would be more suited towards homeowners who want a more naturally lit patio area. Cafe blinds can also be made using mesh fabrics but is less commonly used.

Wire Guide Blinds

Wire guide blinds act as a simple yet effective sun shade solution, but are not so effective in protecting against the harsh elements such as strong winds or rain. This is because they lack a locking mechanism, therefore it is important that they are only used strictly for light control and protection from the sun. Because of this, these blinds are excellent for homeowners who solely want a more shaded patio area.

Straight Drop Blinds

Our straight drop blinds are an excellent patio blinds solution for those looking for a shading solution for their alfresco area. Whilst also offering sufficient protection against the cold during winter as well as the sun during summer, your straight drop blinds can provide you with shading and insulation all year round, and are a very cost-effective patio blinds solution.

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