What Makes Ziptrak Blinds So Popular?

ZIptrak Blinds by Alfresco Creations

We’re pretty lucky to be blessed with such beautiful weather here in Australia. In fact, it’s the very reason why many Australian homeowners strive to create the perfect outdoor space; so that they can experience the serenity of the outdoors in their own unique way, and use it to elevate their home’s overall appeal.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and magnificent weather all year round. To tell you the truth, the sun can actually become unbearable throughout certain times of the year, leading to harsh glare and humidity in your outdoor area. On the other hand, the weather can do a complete 180 turn, leaving it wet, cold and dreary outside. When you’re wanting to invest in your outdoor area, it’s essential to ensure that it’s equipped to deal with a variety of different weather conditions. And incorporating the right outdoor blinds can play a key role in achieving this for your outdoor entertainment area.

So, how can you find the perfect blinds for your patio space? Well, it may help to find that a lot of homeowners these days are opting for Ziptrak blinds, a new type of blinds featuring an innovative spring-loaded track-guided system. Intrigued? Well, read on to discover what makes these blinds such as popular choice amongst homeowners:

They’re Safe

If you’ve got curious, young children or pets who frequently play in your backyard area, then you’d want to make sure that nothing in your outdoor space could pose as a hazard. Traditional styles of outdoor blinds featuring zips, buckles, straps or ropes can sometimes pose as a safety risk towards the younger members of your family, especially if they’re known for fiddling with things. Since Ziptrak blinds feature no loose operational mechanisms, they prove as the safer outdoor blinds solution for a number of households.

They Provide Protection from the Elements

Designed durable and long-lasting, Ziptrak blinds are also highly effective at protecting your outdoor area from all the harsh elements and weather conditions. Consequently, they prove as the ideal product when you’re wanting to make your outdoor area more suitable for use all year round. You can expect Ziptrak blinds to cut out harsh glare, cold winds, rain, and help in making your outdoor living space that much more comfortable to be in!

They’re Easy to Use

If you love the simpler things in life, then you’re guaranteed to appreciate the easy operation of Ziptrak blinds. Thanks to their spring-loaded, track-guided system, all you have to do to open or close these blinds is push them up or down with your hands- it’s really that simple! Even better, after learning how to clean Ziptrak blinds, you’ll find that they’re also incredibly low-maintenance.

They’re Versatile

Another great thing about Ziptrak blinds is the fact that they’re versatile enough for application in almost every type of outdoor space. No matter what theme or style you’re trying to achieve, you can expect Ziptrak blinds to splice well with a variety designs for your outdoor area. As the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor area, Ziptrak blinds work to tie the look of the entire space together, whilst also ensuring to add value to your backyard environment.

They Implement Pest-Control

9 times out of 10, the presence of flies and mosquitoes in your outdoor area is an annoyance at best. Less frequently however, such pests have been known to spread dangerous diseases amongst humans. Whilst flies can simply land on food and contaminate it, causing bacterial infections to those who later on ingest it, certain species of mosquitoes have been known to spread viruses such as malaria, Barmah Forest virus, Murray River encephalitis, and more. Whilst it may be impossible to completely eradicate the presence of bugs and insects from your backyard, you can definitely help to keep friends and family members safe and healthy through reducing their numbers with the help of Ziptrak blinds. So, have we convinced you that Ziptrak blinds are worth having in your outdoor area? If you’re keen to discover the difference that Ziptrak blinds can offer, contact Alfresco Creations today and have us provide and install your Ziptrak blinds, consequently enhancing your outdoor area!

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