Ziptrak Blinds Perth

The Ziptrak Blinds Perth Residents Pick Time & Time Again

Looking for the Ziptrak blinds Perth homeowners and businesses always choose? If so, turn to Alfresco Creations as your top supplier for outdoor blinds solutions. As our number 1 best seller for outdoor blinds, Ziptrak blinds allow you to enjoy alfresco living all year round. So, no matter the season or weather conditions, you’ll be able to relax in your outdoor living area with comfort. Ziptrak possesses unparalleled style, durability and versatility. Undeniably, it proves itself as the leader of the pack.

Why Choose the Ziptrak Blinds Perth Customers Are Deeming a Necessity

You should note that our blinds use a unique, track guided spring-loaded system. This features no straps, buckles, zips or crank handles. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the blinds to any height you desire. Simply glide the bottom rail to the desired height. You’ll find that there’s no need for extra locks or predetermined positions! In addition to this, you can even request for our team to motorise your Ziptrak blinds. We do this by replacing the spring with a tubular motor. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be the proud owner of the motorised Ziptrak blinds Perth residents are demanding more of each day. You can spend more time enjoying the outdoor lifestyle with a Ziptrak system installed! This track guided blind system is sure to convert you for life.

With the press of a button on a single or multi-channel remote, you can adjust your blinds to a height of your liking. Of course, this convenient feature will leave you with one less chore to bother with in times where you may be in a rush. Moreover, it will add a touch of luxury to your outdoor area.

Choose Alfresco Creations as your Trusted Outdoor Blinds Supplier

You can trust any outdoor blinds product from Alfresco Creations to prove as a worthwhile investment. Indeed, our blinds promise to provide a variety of benefits. These blinds guarantee to reap a myriad of advantages for your outdoor living area all year round. In particular, benefits include protection from the elements and pest control. Moreover, you can expect an increased aesthetic appeal. Needless to say, our Ziptrak blinds are the trusted solution when you want to enhance your outdoor living area by a mile.

Say goodbye to pesky flies and mosquitoes bothering you whilst you’re trying to enjoy the fresh air. With Ziptrak outdoor blinds, you can enjoy the beautiful Perth weather more with your family and friends. What’s more, you’ll be free to enjoy your outdoor living even in times of poorer weather. No matter whether it’s excessively hot or cold, our blinds promise to withstand. Our blinds can offer sufficient protection against elements which accompany harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, they work to keep both heavy wind, rain and hail out of your patio. In this way, you can ensure your outdoor living space remains insulated and sheltered. It goes without saying; Ziptrak blinds truly promise to deliver.

At Alfresco Creations, we give you the option to choose from a wide range of fabrics when it comes to your Ziptrak blinds. These are capable of providing shade from the harsh summer sun to cutting out the cold winter breeze. From tinted PVC to mesh that protects from the UV rays, you can always find a trusted solution. So, if you’re after the Ziptrak blinds Perth residents love, get in touch with Alfresco Creations today. We can arrange an obligation-free consultation to discuss the best blinds solution for your alfresco area!

Frequently Asked Questions

On windy days, it is important to ensure that all your outdoor blinds are left down and locked, or fully retracted. The halfway position is the most vulnerable position for Ziptrak blinds during heavy weather events. Henceforth, if you want to protect your alfresco area against the elements, we’d recommend rolling your blinds down and securing them tightly, or otherwise drawing them back up again. When severe weather warnings are announced it is essential that your blinds are fully retracted as storm damage is not covered under the Ziptrak warranty. Please note that Ziptrak blinds can be a little tricky to operate throughout windy conditions, due to the high pressure of the wind acting against the fabric. To get past this, simply push against the material with your hand to reduce the pressure and then operate the blinds as per usual.

Yes, Ziptrak blinds are available for easy and convenient automation. However, it should be noted that strong winds can hold the material of Ziptrak blinds and prevent it from sliding down the tracks. Therefore, we always recommend that you supervise your motorised Ziptrak blinds whilst they are moving.

Our professional and experienced team are always ensured to install your Ziptrak blinds perfectly level. You may notice gaps if for some reason the top beam/ceiling or flooring is not level. If this is of major concern to you, then we can always implement flashing or weather strips in order to close up these gaps.

6 metres is the maximum length.

Do not fret- you will still have the opportunity to install Ziptrak blinds in your alfresco area. Our team can cover larger openings by installing either a permanent post, or a removable post.

All Ziptrak blinds are custom made to suit every opening. As such, there are a number of factors which can affect the final pricing, such as choice of fabric, track colours, pelmets, motorisation, etc. If you would like to book a free measure and quote for a more accurate price, please feel free to contact us today.

During the winter season, work can usually be completed in roughly 3 weeks. However, please note that during peak periods such as the summer, our turnaround times are likely to increase.