Aluminium Blinds Perth

Stylish Aluminium Blinds Built for the Harsh Conditions in Perth

When you’re looking for aluminium blinds in Perth, you need to ensure that it can withstand against daily use and abuse as well as the tests of time. Here at Alfresco Creations, we offer stylish products that come in a variety of different styles and designs. What’s more, we ensure to use only premium quality materials, guaranteeing that your blinds can withstand against the unforgiving Western Australian conditions.

Why Choose Aluminium Blinds

Increased Privacy and Blocked Light

When you close your aluminium blinds, they will provide you with high levels of privacy. However, keep in mind that they may still show silhouettes and shadows within a lighted room. On the other hand, you can always request for a product with a no-holes feature. You will find the ladder holes at the tip of the blind slat. When you close the blinds, the bottom of each slat will cover the holes of the slats below. In this way, the slats will block light coming from the room.

Water Resistance

One of the most significant advantages of aluminium blinds is that they are resistant against moisture and water. Needless to say, they prove as an ideal choice for humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

Due to their aluminium slats, these types of blinds can be highly durable. And here at Alfresco Creations, we ensure to provide products with premium quality materials. So, while our aluminium blinds are the cost-effective solution for your windows, they will also last longer and offer you the best value for your money.


Compared to other materials, aluminium tends to be a lot more energy efficient. The metal slats effectively reflect the sun’s rays. As such, during the hotter months, you can expect your rooms to stay a lot cooler. Since you can regulate the temperature indoors, you wouldn’t have to crank up your air conditioning system throughout the day. Consequently, you can start saving on energy and reducing your carbon footprint. After all, whilst you’re lowering your electricity bills, you’re also lessening your impact on the environment.

Indeed, aluminium blinds are ideal for those who want a stylish horizontal look with increased privacy and easy light variation. These are a popular choice for commercial establishments, however there are also many residential customers who prefer an industrial, modern look for their homes too. It is not surprising to find why many builders prefer our collection of blinds. After all, we offer them at highly competitive rates. So, whether you need to install them in a commercial or residential application, you can always expect a cost-effective solution from us.

Why Choose Alfresco Creations as Your Aluminium Blinds Supplier in Perth?

When you turn to Alfresco Creations, you will have the freedom to choose from a wide selection of aluminium blinds. We offer them in a variety of colours and sizes. Whilst they are incredibly lightweight, they are also quite durable and long-lasting. What’s more, they are sure to create a statement no matter which space you apply them to.

Are you ready to learn more about our aluminium blinds? Contact Alfresco Creations today and get a free quote!