Exterior Blinds Perth

Stunning Exterior Blinds Built for the Harsh Conditions in Perth and Western Australia

When it comes to external blinds, simplicity and aesthetics are two of the most essential features to look out for. Here at Alfresco Creations, we always strive to provide our customers with products that add value and functionality to their home or business establishments. Numerous architects and individual homeowners have praised our external blinds for their superior quality. Our blinds not only provide more heat protection and privacy—they also ensure to add character and charm to your property’s exterior!

Thanks to our team of dedicated professionals, years of industry experience and expertise, along with our incredibly wide assortment, we’re always able to deliver outstanding results. Moreover, we’re able to carry out even the most complex installation projects successfully. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated and bespoke or something practical and simple, we can assure you that you will benefit from our services.

How Our External Roller Blinds Work

Similar to an interior roller blind, an exterior roller blind runs down vertically in front of the glass and open apertures. Manufacturers wrap the fabric around a roller tube. The diameter varies according to the drop and width of the blind. But to ensure that there will be no sagging, they use larger roller tubes for greater widths and drops. Next, they attach the fabric to a lead rail which contains the appropriate weight, and this keeps the material taut and under tension no matter the position.

On each side, the lead rail runs within guides to keep the blinds running smoothly and square. Moreover, these side guides lock the fabric through a nifty side spline mechanism. Consequently, the blinds can become windproof, whilst also preventing light from shining between the edge of the side guides and the material. When you’re not using the blinds, you can neatly tuck them into the cassette casing surrounding the roller tube. With the fabric stored inside the cassette, you can minimise cleaning and maintenance.

We fit our external roller blinds with a tubular motor kept inside the roller tube. This design allows smooth operation from a wire-free wall switch or a handheld remote control. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more convenient, we can always install sensors for automatic blinds. Whatever design and customisation you want for your outdoor blinds, we promise to deliver durable, long-lasting benefits to your property.

Choose the Experts for Exterior Blinds in Perth

When you choose Alfresco Creations to supply and install your exterior blinds, you can enjoy added protection and privacy. So, whenever you and your family are in the alfresco area, everyone will feel safe and comfortable. Trust that our blinds will add functionality and value to your outdoor space.

Are you interested to learn more about stunning yet durable outdoor blinds in Perth? Contact Alfresco Creations today and get a free quote!