Wire Guide Blinds

The Wire Guide Blinds Perth Residents Love

If you’re after simple but effective sun shade blind at a reasonable price, then Wire guide blinds may be your ideal solution. Luckily, here at Alfresco Creations, we offer the best Wire guide blinds Perth has to offer.

Why Opt for Wire Guide Blinds?

Wire guide blinds are most commonly used where there are no side posts in place, so a stainless-steel cable is fixed from the top bracket down to the floor, and acts as a track for the bottom rail to travel on. Wire guide blinds are most commonly operated using a crank handle, but can be upgraded to a motorised blind which is operated using a single or multi-channel remote. These blinds are a simple yet effective sun shading blind which works great for cooling down your alfresco area and reducing the glare of the sun. However, Wire guide blinds feature no locking mechanisms, making it very important that they are not left down in windy conditions. This makes these blinds strictly a sunshade solution rather than an outdoor blind that gives your alfresco area protection against the wind and rain.

Turn to Alfresco Creations for Wire Guide Blinds

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Alfresco Creations are fully capable of putting together quality indoor and outdoor blinds solutions that’ll work for your own specific needs and requirements. Trust that when you turn to us for Wire guide blinds, you’ll be met with a product made from quality materials that’ll continue to look great and provide its benefits in your alfresco area for many years to come.

For more information on our Wire guide blinds, contact Alfresco Creations today and discover more about our outdoor blinds range!