10 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Usable All Year Round

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With the sheer amount of benefits there are to spending time outdoors as opposed to inside, it’s no wonder that many more Australians are looking to make their outdoor area suitable for use all year-round. If you’re one of these homeowners who are looking to create an outdoor living space that provides you with long-lasting value, you’re in luck. Below, we’ve outlined 10 easy ways to make your outdoor space suitable for use no matter the season or weather conditions: 

1. Patio

A patio is an obvious must-have if you’re wanting to make your outdoor space suitable for use all-year round. With a roofed patio, you can shield your outdoor living area from wind, rain and harsh sunlight, all of which is necessary if you want to be able to enjoy your backyard space no matter the season. 

2. Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are the next most important thing when it comes to creating a weather-resistant outdoor area. At Alfresco Creations, we carry a wide variety of custom outdoor blinds that can be tailor-made according to your unique needs and requirements. So, no matter the budget you’re working under or the area you need covered, you can be sure that you will receive the ideal product. You can find blinds within our range offering various benefits such as increased privacy, shade, safety and ease of operation, among many others.  

3. Weatherproof Furniture

Unlike the furniture inside your home, outdoor furniture is going to be subjected to the harsh weather conditions and elements experienced outside over the years. For this reason, it’s important for your furniture to be tough and durable. Weatherproof furniture often consists of products made out of materials such as hardwood, wicker, or metal. If you’re investing in outdoor couches, make sure that the fabric used is also designed for outdoor use. 

4. Heating

The winter season can be a massive deterrent from wanting to use your outdoor area, simply due to the fact that it’s often freezing cold most nights. So, why would you subject yourself to shivering discomfort outside when you can just relax indoors where it’s warm and toasty? If you’re wanting to utilise your outdoor area all year round (including the colder months) then heating options are absolutely essential. You can choose to buy heating lamps, wall heaters, outdoor fireplaces, or if you’re on a budget, simply invest in a fire pit. Sources of warmth will make relaxing in your outdoor area all the more enjoyable for not only you and your family members, but also your guests. 

5. Blankets and Cushions 

Adding in blankets and cushions to your outdoor area may be only a small finishing touch, however it’s sure to make a load of difference in terms of making your alfresco living space look more comfortable and inviting. Blankets in particular are sure to be useful during the colder months. Plus, with the sheer range of colours, patterns and designs available, it also proves as an easy way for you to inject some style into your outdoor space! 

6. Spa

A spa or a hot tub is a great addition to any outdoor area. It takes up far less room than a pool, and it’s also way less difficult and expensive to maintain. Furthermore, almost all spas come with an in-built heater, unlike swimming pools. So, even when it’s freezing out, you can hop in the spa for a relaxing soak- it’s the perfect incentive to spend more time in your backyard. 

7. Lighting

Good lighting is also essential if you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. You don’t want to be shrouded in darkness whenever you go to use your backyard area at night. Down lights or wall-mounted lights are great for brightening up your outdoor area, whereas fairy lights or lanterns may be more helpful in setting the mood, or bollard lights for lighting up pathways or areas of your garden. 

8. BBQ

Nothing screams Aussie summer more than an outdoor barbeque. Even in winter, it’s a great excuse to use your outdoor area more. After all, there’s so many different possibilities when it comes to barbequed food. 

9. Grow with the Seasons

If you want to use your outdoor area more, considering taking up gardening. Not only does it have many health benefits, but it also allows you to grow your own herbs, fruits and veggies, or showcase some beautiful flowers and other plants, helping to liven up your outdoor area. Consider growing with the seasons if you want to get the most out of gardening in your outdoor area. 

  1. Add Some Entertainment

If you’ve got some fun things to do in your outdoor area, then you and your family members are definitely going to want to use it a lot more throughout the year. Through adding a TV in, you can encourage household members to get outside more, even if it’s only to watch TV. Additionally, you can add in a radio for you to turn on and listen to whilst relaxing outside, or something a bit more interactive like a ping pong table, foosball table or dart board. These are sure to make outdoor gatherings with friends a little more fun. 

At Alfresco Creations, we’re dedicated towards helping you to create the perfect outdoor area. For more information on our outdoor blinds, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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