How Can Blackout Curtains Improve Your Sleep Quality?

Blockout Curtains by Alfresco Creations

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also means getting around eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, due to the chaos of our busy lives, most working adults are unable to get enough sleep. Of course, this problem brings tangible effects to people’s day-to-day lives. If you’re not getting the recommended amount of sleep, you will notice a decline in your energy. You might even feel sluggish at work.

Now, if you want to improve your wellbeing, you will find several ways to get the best night’s sleep you can. There are plenty of tactics to use and products to invest in that will help you create a darker, more conducive space for rest. One of the best ways to do this is to install the versatile and practical block out curtains Perth residents have been using for years.

How Light Affects Your Sleep

Historically speaking, people did not own alarm clocks. Before the invention of such a product, people used to wake up as the sun came up, and they went to bed after it went down. Before the industrial era, humans just had to rely on the natural rhythms of sleep. This phenomenon is possible because our brains associate light with ‘waking up’.

According to research, specific cells in your eyes naturally distinguish the presence or absence of light. They do not identify colours or shapes—instead, they only pick up if there is any light around you. It is worth noting that these particular cells recognise blue light, especially since that is the morning sky’s colour. Keep in mind that it is the same light that tablets and mobile phones emit. So, if you’re considering installing block out curtains to get adequate sleep, you should also think about turning off your electronic devices.

Now, let’s look at how installing block out curtains can improve your sleep quality.

Generating Melatonin for a Relaxing Sleep

Whenever you sleep, you’re giving your body a chance to repair itself physically and consolidate information. When you have quality block out curtains, you can prevent the sunlight and the street lights from entering the room. Consequently, you’ll be allowing your pineal gland to produce as much melatonin as possible, which can be beneficial in regulating and influencing your sleep cycle.

If you’re working in irregular shifts or you do not have a consistent sleep schedule, block out curtains can work to your advantage. These can help you transition from day to night, allowing you to enhance the overall quality of your sleep.

Creating a Peaceful Environment

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can optimise your dream environment by creating a completely darkened room. Ambient lights and flickering headlights from outside your window can be distracting when you’re trying to sleep. On the other hand, with block out curtains, you can prevent these lights from disrupting your sleep. Consequently, you will find yourself having an easier time relaxing and falling asleep.

Insulating Sound

Once you install blackout curtains, you’ll be able to lower the noise pollution. If you live in a neighbourhood with a dense population or in an urban area, insulating curtains can help you achieve a comfortable and quiet bedroom.

Controlling Temperature

At Alfresco Creations, we provide block out drapes with materials that also help control room temperature. During the colder days, these curtains can retain heat, keeping you comfortable and cosy. On warmer days, they keep the heat out, creating a fresh and calm atmosphere inside your bedroom. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll also be able to sleep better inside a comfortable room.

Having Control Over Your Sleeping Environment

Ever since we were born, we have been patterned to have a habit of staying awake during the day and sleeping throughout the night. As adults, it has become more challenging for us to create the perfect environment to encourage a consistent sleeping routine. If you sleep during the day because you work the graveyard shifts at work, you can ease your body and mind into relaxation mode with block out curtains. With the drapes, you can have the quiet darkness you need for a comfortable sleep.

Get the Best Block Out Curtains Perth Can Offer

At Alfresco Creations, we understand that customers are looking for specific qualities when they’re shopping for block out curtains. Aside from functionality, they are also after the aesthetic appeal and style of the drapes. As such, we always offer a comprehensive collection of curtains to choose from. Aside from that, we strive hard to forge a stable and long-lasting relationship with our customers. When you choose us as your supplier, our team will design and install your block out curtains to the highest standards of quality.

If you want to learn more about our superior collection of block out curtains, contact us today!

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