The Complete Guide for Double Roller Blinds

The Complete Guide for Double Roller Blinds

A house can look like a full-fledged home with the proper window coverings. These fixtures are essential in providing you with the privacy and appeal you need for your property. Now, you may find yourself looking at several window covering options. However, you’ll find that one of the most popular options among them is roller blinds. Aside from being readily available, these are also one of the most cost-effective solutions. If you want to enjoy their optimal benefits, we recommend that you opt for the double roller blinds Perth residents recommend.

How Are Dual Roller Blinds Different from Single Roller Shades?

As early as the 19th century, people have been mounting roller shades on their window frames, operating them with hooks and strings. Over the years, the mechanism and design have evolved, transforming into the present-day roller blinds that we love to use. Roller blinds have a single fabric pane, typically consisting of human-made or natural fibre. The panel rolls on a rod, usually consisting of aluminium that is fixed to the window frame’s top.

A cord system raises and lowers the blinds, allowing the user to let in or block sunlight and fresh air. Now, if you have dual roller blinds, you can reduce the sun’s glare whilst still having a clear and unobstructed outside view. This particular feature is their advantage over drapes and Roman shades.

With a double roller blind system, you’ll have two kinds of window coverings in one compact option. The outer layer is a light filter that resists UV rays and provides privacy. On the other hand, the inner layer blocks the light completely, providing a room near total darkness. It is the perfect option for a blackout effect during the night or day.

Brackets attached to the top of the window support the roller blind. Now, if you’re dealing with dual roller shades, you’ll need a double bracket. What’s great about this mechanism is that it allows installers to mount the rollers, using either the back or front configuration. When you order dual brackets, you can ask your supplier to have the motor or chain control on either the right or left side of the shade.

Manual Vs. Motorised Dual Roller Blinds

Another great thing about dual roller shades is that they are easy to use. What’s more, you can choose from a range of different operating systems. You can select a spring-assisted, chain drive mechanism or a fully motorised design. For the latter option, you have the freedom to connect several shades together. This way, you can open or close multiple blinds at the same time.

Dual roller blinds can have several tubular motors kept inside the roller tube to hide them from sight. Introduced to the market in 1959, tubular motors have been the standard motorised mechanism used for rolling shutters, awnings, and projector screens around the world. You can have them either battery-operated or electrically powered. With a motorised lifting system, you will be able to raise or lower your dual roller shades with ease.

You can even make the operation of motorised blinds more convenient by using a system with remote control. All you need to do is push the appropriate button, and you can adjust the mode for either day or night use. This feature can be significantly beneficial, especially since you’ll be able to operate all the blinds from one area. You can even configure the roller shade system to open or close at specific times of the day, allowing you to enjoy energy savings.

Meanwhile, if you want a manually operated, dual roller shade, then you can mount it with an external cord. You can pull the chain up or down to adjust the blinds according to your preferred privacy and light levels. Manual roller shades are the more affordable alternative to motorised blinds. That said, if you have young children around the home, they may not be the best option for you.

Get the Double Roller Blinds Perth Residents Have Been Raving About

Make your home or commercial space eco-friendlier by hiring Alfresco Creations to install your dual roller shades. We offer our products in a range of both Australian and international fabrics. So, you are sure to find a design that complements your interior décor. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we promise to deliver outstanding customer service along with premium quality products.

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