Top Must-Have Features of Outdoor Balcony Blinds

Outdoor Balcony Blinds by Alfresco Creations

Nothing beats relaxing on your balcony whilst drinking a nice cup of tea. On weekends, you may also use this area to care for your beautiful succulents and decorative plants. Of course, when it gets too sunny or when you’re experiencing inclement weather, it may not be such an excellent idea to lounge on your balcony. Thankfully, you always have the option to install outdoor blinds to make this space more conducive for relaxation.

Why Outdoor Blinds Are Essential for Your Balcony

A balcony is an excellent feature for many residents who live in an apartment complex, or on the other hand, a house with several floors. It may serve various purposes, but the lack of any covering can be bothersome when you want to spend some time in the area. During warmer seasons, the sun’s rays can become harsh, making the heat unbearable. Even if the weather becomes tolerable, these UV rays can be harmful to your health.

Without any proper covering for your balcony, you’ll also be exposing your family to the prying eyes of nosy neighbours and peeping toms. As with your doors and windows, you’ll also need blinds for your balcony. Aside from creating a comfortable and cosy outdoor space, blinds will also help to keep the area private for your family and friends.

What Are Outdoor Balcony Blinds?

Manufacturers design and build exterior balcony blinds specifically for outdoor use. So, regardless of the materials, you can expect these shades to suit the ever changing weather conditions. However, before making a purchase, you need to consider several factors. Keep in mind that not all outdoor blinds are made the same. That said, if you make the wrong decision, you’ll only end up wasting your hard-earned money.

So, what are the top must-have features of balcony blinds?

1. Robust Panels Suitable for Harsh Conditions

For outdoor blinds, Alfresco Creations range of fabrics can protect you from the notorious conditions experienced throughout Western Australia. All the while, our material can effectively block out the sun’s UV rays, meaning that you can continue to keep your balcony cool; even on a warm day.

Another great thing about our fabric is that it can be up 99% waterproof. It can keep dust, the rain, and even insects off your balcony. Of course, when making your selection, you should make sure that the material used has a low ‘openness’ rating. In this way, you can ensure that the weave will be tighter, allowing for it to offer maximum protection.

2. Easy Operation

Isn’t it frustrating when it’s pouring down, and you’re having trouble pulling down your outdoor blinds? This problem could have easily been avoided if you chose a product with an easy-to-operate mechanism. Keep in mind that outdoor blinds come in both manual and motorised options. If your budget permits and you want optimum convenience, you should definitely consider going for the latter.

On the other hand, there are still many manually operated blinds solutions that are easy to use. For instance, Ziptrak blinds have a spring-balanced system that contains no cords, ropes, or wires. You don’t have to go through cumbersome pushing, lifting, and pulling. Instead, Ziptrak blinds have a centre-lock release. So, you can lock and unlock the system easily from the middle.

3. No Gaps

If you have a U-shaped or L-shaped balcony, you’ll need several rows of blinds to avoid having gaps in which the elements could seep through. On the other hand, if you choose shades with aluminium side tracks, you can ensure that the wind or rain won’t blow them out. What’s excellent about aluminium tracks is that their design allows for a much smoother operation.

A lot of balcony blinds have a ‘zipper’ mechanism on the side. Unfortunately, this design is problematic as the crevices can collect and trap debris and dirt. Instead, go for a track-guided system that ensures less wear and tear. Track-guided blinds work to keep the elements from entering through the sides of the screens.

4. Quiet and No Rattling in Inclement Weather

If it gets windy in your area or you live on the higher floors of an apartment complex, the wind may leave your balcony blinds restless. To prevent the winds from knocking out your blinds, it’s important that you choose premium quality products. Ziptrak blinds are ideal for Western Australian conditions, especially since they’ve gone through tests conducted by German company TUV SUD themselves.

Choose the Experts in Outdoor Blinds

When you need outdoor balcony blinds, we recommend that you choose the leading supplier in Perth of quality products. Alfresco Creations can provide you with customised solutions for your window treatment needs. We will listen to your requests carefully and find the perfect outdoor blinds match for them. No matter what your specifications are, our expert technicians can install balcony blinds that offer long-lasting benefits for you and your property. To schedule your free measurement, contact Alfresco Creations today!

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