How Are Ziptrak Blinds Designed?

Ziptrak Blinds by Alfresco Creations

Entertaining guests in the alfresco area is an integral part of many Western Australian homeowners’ social life. It is worth noting that the window coverings manufacturing industry in Australia grows over a billion dollars every five years. Considering that fact, you’ll likely find so many options available on the market that you’re almost guaranteed to feel overwhelmed. If you can relate to this statement, then fret no more, because Alfresco Creations is here to help. We will make the process easier by assisting you in choosing the right products.

Now, amongst our best-selling blinds are Ziptrak blinds. We can highly recommend this product for several good reasons. If you’re interested in what you can get from this brand, then we can show you the clever way in which they’ve been designed. Keep reading to discover if Ziptrak blinds are the ideal blinds solution for your needs.

What Are the Origins of Ziptrak Blinds?

Designed and manufactured by a South Australian company, Ziptrak blinds were made for customers who wanted an easy-to-operate window treatment. Moreover, the manufacturer specifically ensured that there were no gaps between the screens and the window. Before, people considered this a niche brand. However, the market quickly recognised the need for this system, primarily because of the convenience it brings. Here are some of the most notable design features of Ziptrak blinds:


Ziptrak blinds have a patented track-guided design. Such a system prevents the elements from entering the sides of the screens. With small touches such as this, it’s apparent that the manufacturers put a lot of thought into designing blinds that are perfect for the harsh Australian conditions.

Robust and Long-Lasting

Over the years, Ziptrak has grown into one of the leading brands for outdoor blinds. Even with the combined features of its competitors, none of the products in the market comes close to the longevity of Ziptrak blinds. This is one of the reasons why Ziptrak remains to be popular, not only in Australia but also in other countries.

Easy Operation

One of the great things about Ziptrak blinds is that it has a spring-balanced system which makes cords, zips, ropes, and wires unnecessary. You can easily integrate the product into your outdoor area because of its unobtrusive design. Of course, we won’t forget the fact that it is easy to operate. For instance, it has a centre-lock release. You don’t have to go to both sides of the blinds just to unlock the system. You can do that simultaneously from the middle. What’s more, you can avoid the cumbersome lifting, pushing, and pulling. Because of Ziptrak’s spring-balanced system, the blinds won’t resist whilst you’re operating it.

The unique way of attaching the blinds to the vertical tracks will also surprise you. Indeed, Ziptrak combines its patented design with exceptional engineering, as well as the finest materials in the market. Many manufacturers have attempted to imitate Ziptrak’s designs, but none of them have succeeded in creating an exact duplicate of the blinds.

Energy-Efficient Design

Ziptrak blinds have external shading that can prevent a significant amount of heat from entering your patio space. It also comes with a sealed barrier as a result of the track-guided system. Because of this, your outdoor entertainment area will stay cool, even throughout the summer. During the colder seasons, you can trap the heat in your alfresco area, keeping it warm and cosy. So, you don’t need to set up a heating or an air conditioning system in the area. Consequently, you can save money on electricity bills while lowering your impact on the environment.

Quiet Design

Ziptrak blinds grip tightly to the vertical tracks. So, even amidst strong winds, you can enjoy peace and quiet in your alfresco area. Your blinds will not rattle and give you a mini panic attack. What’s more, the screens have a unique spline design that hides the system’s edges. You can rest easy knowing that insects, dust, and wind won’t get in through the blinds.

Let Professionals Install Your Ziptrak Blinds

Any outdoor blinds product coming from Alfresco Creations has been proven to be a worthwhile investment. As an authorised retailer of Ziptrak products, we promise to install your blinds to the highest standards for safety and quality. We also offer a wide range of fabrics that will go with your window treatment. From mesh to tinted PVC materials that can block the harmful UV rays from the sun, you will always find the ideal solution for your needs.

If you want to know how Ziptrak blinds can improve the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and comfort of your outdoor area, contact Alfresco Creations today! Call us now to schedule your free measurement and quote.

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