How to Clean Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Properly

How to Clean Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak blinds have become the outdoor blinds solution of choice for a variety of homeowners across the country, and it comes as no surprise why. There are many reasons why these particular outdoor blinds remain as the leader of the pack. Of course, when you invest in Ziptrak blinds for your outdoor area, you’d want to make sure that they remain looking and functioning in top condition for the longest period of time possible. The best way to ensure this is by providing it with the adequate level of care and attention that it deserves.

What Makes Ziptrak Blinds So Special?

So, why should you choose Ziptrak blinds over all the other outdoor blinds solutions available to you? Well, what differentiates Ziptrak blinds from just any other old outdoor cafe blind is their uniquely designed tracking system. Ziptrak blinds work using a track guided spring-loaded system- there’s no need for any straps, buckles, zips or crank handles. The absence of these loose features make Ziptrak blinds a much safer alternative to most other outdoor blinds products, especially in situations where you may be experiencing severe weather conditions, or if you have young children or pets. Extreme weather conditions can cause these components to fly about uncontrollably, causing injury or damage to the people or objects around them. Additionally, these components could pose as a hazard to young children or pets. Needless to say, Ziptrak blinds eliminate any need to worry about such situations. Easy operation of the blind involves simply gliding the bottom rail to the desired height, which will then lock itself in place. You can expect these blinds to offer just the level of protection, safety, privacy, pest control and aesthetic appeal you desire for your alfresco area. 

Why Is It So Important to Clean Ziptrak Blinds?

The great thing about Ziptrak blinds is that they’re a walk in the park to maintain. Investing in high maintenance products can really take a large chunk of time and effort out of your days, and there’s no doubt you probably have more important tasks and duties to attend to throughout your daily schedule. As easy as the Ziptrak blinds cleaning and maintenance process is, it pays to ensure you perform it on a semi-regular basis for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, it ensures they stay looking great, and can continue to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. Dust, dirt, mould and even bird droppings can make their way onto your blinds over time, dampening their appearance and potentially causing them to deteriorate faster if left undealt with for too long. This brings us to our second point- cleaning Ziptrak blinds is important in ensuring that your blinds can last on your property for an extended period of time. When you keep putting off the task of cleaning your blinds, the fabric may start to deteriorate quicker or irreversible staining could occur. Ziptrak blinds are an outdoor blinds investment you probably want to serve your household well into the future; as such, dedicating the appropriate level of attention and care will work well to ensure that their pristine quality, good looks and superb functionality are maintained for many years to come. 

How to Clean Ziptrak Blinds

Now, onto the part you’ve been waiting for- how exactly do you clean Ziptrak blinds? The following steps will easily show you how:

Step One: Contact Alfresco Creations to purchase a bottle of Swiftee blind cleaner, OR concoct a mixture of cold, soapy water to use as your cleaning solution. Do remember to use a mild soap as opposed to using full strength detergents, soaps, or other cleaning fluids. If you have PVC Ziptrak blinds as opposed to sunscreen mesh, there are a number of plastic cleaners available for PVC outdoor blinds in hardware department stores. VuPlex, however, is recommended by the Ziptrak blinds manufacturer. 

Step Two: Use a soft cloth to clean the dirt and markings from your Ziptrak blinds, making sure you take extra care to avoid scratching the surface if you have PVC material. PVC blinds are much more susceptible to scratching than sunscreen mesh blinds, after all. 

Step Three: Roll down your blinds fully and allow them to fully dry before rolling them back up again. In this way, you will be able to prevent mould build up from occurring.

Step Four: If you live in a dusty environment, you may wish to lubricate the Ziptrak tracking system for a guaranteed smooth operation. To do this, use a dry non-oily silicone spray and apply it between the spline tape and the track.

  • No matter whether you have PVC or sunscreen mesh blinds, you should always attempt to clean bird droppings and stubborn stains off as soon possible after noticing them.
  • Make sure that harsh chemicals or bore water do not come into contact with the blinds
  • Avoid using high pressure cleaning hoses to clean the blinds

If you’re interested in the Ziptrak blinds Perth residents are starting to implement more and more on their properties, then be sure to contact Alfresco Creations today for a wide range of customisable options, competitive rates, and friendly service. We provide the widest range of outdoor and indoor blinds solutions Perth customers trust to provide ultimate functionality and aesthetic appeal for their living spaces. Call us today for more information on the Ziptrak blinds available to you!

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